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Advanced Protection for Outdoor LCDs

Optical Bonding is a process employed by a variety of industries to ensure the readability of LCD screens used in challenging environments. It involves the application of a clear adhesive engineered to provide optical, mechanical, and thermal protection for outdoor displays and handheld devices. Read on to find out about a few of the benefits of this technology below.

Increase Readability

What do construction firms, agricultural operations, and the U.S. military have in common? They all use optically bonded LCD screens in the course of their daily operations. These protective screens are able to eliminate surface reflections, making it easier for those reading them to see their displays even in full sun.

Eliminate Dust

Bonding eliminates dust as well as glare by incorporating an air gap that prevents dust from ever reaching the screen. In extremely dust-prone environments, this can make the difference between having a readable display and an expensive piece of equipment that has been rendered useless due to uncontrollable environmental conditions.

Scratch Resistance

The layer of protection offered by bonding means readers won't have to worry about scratched screens or unanticipated spills. It makes LCD screens resistant to fluids and scratches as well as dust.

Enhanced Performance

Bonding enhances the performance of LCD screens that are exposed to excessive vibration. It also enhances shock performance. These features are essential for advanced applications such as handheld military devices and aerospace technologies.

Reworkable Process

Concerned about what will happen if a screen needs to be serviced or repaired? Don't be. Bonding is a reworkable process that will allow readers to remove and rebond displays as needed.

What's the Catch?

It would be easy to assume that since bonding offers all of these benefits, it must come with some kind of catch. The reality is that these benefits can be used by any outdoor LCD screen without concern as to whether or not the bonding process will affect usability. It won't.

Learn More Today

Whether readers need to protect a 5x5 LCD screen or have larger-scale projects in mind, bonding may just provide the solution they need. Learn more about high-performance, extended-temperature bonding today and make sure to find a service provider that is both trustworthy and committed to offering the best in quality and customer satisfaction.